Dear traveler

We understand you need to use your phone while in Athens. A SIM card and a local number with a data plan, is something almost all the travelers we are Welcoming are asking for.

This is why we decided to offer a solution for that common concern. We are buying for you the International package of Vodafone, which you can find in a Vodafone store downtown and we give it to you while you are still on your ride to your room.

It costs 10 € and this is what you get.
  • A proper Greek cell number to share it with anyone you need to talk to.
  • 500 MB Data plan to use Maps, travel Apps for Athens, Whatsapp, Viber, Messenger etc
  • 200' voice plan to Greek numbers to contact anyone you need in the city (hotel recptionist, other arrangements)
  • Unlimited voice plan to the Welcome HQ support number to contact us if you need anytyhing while in Athens
  • 8.9 € (10 - % Tax) balance in the card to make any other calls, sms based on this pricing table.

Let us know if you need it - buy it now using the same email you used to book your welcome pickup and we will have the proper bundle int he car for you.
  • Sim Card Micro (but we have a sim card cutter for all the sizes)
  • 10 € scratch card to top up and initiate your plan
  • Proper Receipt

Find the Sim Card type of your phone here